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Develop feature-rich, custom audit applications without writing code!

Develop feature-rich, custom audit applications without writing code!


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Auditing and related operations for the employees are executed with a series of manual processes in companies.

With the Audit Application, these processes are moved to the digital environment.

Branch audits are easily done and reported quickly. This way, the current shift, stock and inspection system are kept regularly.

In addition, digital processes prevent wasting papers and support sustainability.

With this application, the employees can:

Determine their shift plans about branch visits, working from home, weekly leave days, and meetings, register their off-days and define the unplanned meetings that were held.

With the audit application, manage your audit, documentation and reporting processes through one single system.


The shift processes in the store of the personnel performing the audit are planned.

It is required to be at the store during the branch visits.

The employees whose location has been verified can Check-in at the Store.


Geolocation Algorithm, developed with GPS and map engineering, works to detect if the location is correct.

With this algorithm, the location of the person is detected by comparing the location of the store and the location of the personnel, and thus, Fraud is prevented.


Audit criteria for the store are answered and the store is scored. Audit results are reported to the store with a PDF document. Check-out is done when leaving the store.

It is also possible to report how long a person stayed in a specific location with check-in and check-out.


Staff shifts and store scores are tracked with

Power BI reports.

With Power BI reports, you get to tracks staff shifts and store scores in real time and obtain insights from the data.

You can increase your tracking system and measurability by using the Audit application for your company.

Get started with your application -which you can also access on your mobile devices- right away.