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Determining the Job definition

Job definition is the details of the job that the employee will do, their tasks, responsibilities and the feature details of the added value wanted from the employee as a result of job analysis. It is very important to notify the employee about their tasks and responsibilities in written form and register them in a way in terms of preventing possible conflicts. Titles that grant the employee with power of representation within and outside the company are created.

There are no obligations in our law in terms of defining a job, but the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Document creates an obligation to define the job in recruitment conditions. It is a quality document that helps your company to keep developing and growing. Help to take your job to the forefront and gain advantage in rivalry.


Why is the ISO 9001 document important?

It is necessary not to have any confusions concerning job, authority and titles to get the ISO 9001 Document. You have to use the titles that exist in the ISO 9001 Quality management system within and outside the company. Standardization within this frame is an obligation.

E-Mail signature is the proof that you are an employee connected to that company and that you are representing the company during communication . E-mails are your digital business cards in a way and e-mail signatures reflect the digital identity of company. In this identity, there is information that help you to represent yourself, increase your brand’s recognition and customer royalty.


In order for the organizations the protect their internal and external communication unity, it is possible to sustain the continuity of ISO 9001 document with the e-mail signature management system. Since the title information shared outside the company in the e-mail signatures will be same as the ISO 9001 document, it creates a security for the continuity of document. Job definitions being outside that document is prevented with the e-mail signature application. This way you can ensure the security of your corporate standards.

Since the digital applications are becoming more important and the average number of e-mails sent worldwide is 293,6 billion according to Radicati, ensuring our corporate standards is really easy with the e-mail signatures and helps us a lot. This way, we ensure the Valuing the Customer and Customer Loyalty principles which are the most important principles of the Quality Management System.

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