Why Should I Use Checkpoints?

It is the process of taking an image of the current state of a virtual machine and reserving that image point that can be returned later. If we want to make changes on the current state of the virtual machine, and want to see the results of that changes, we can create a checkpoint and turn back, if we do not like it. We can change the configurations of the system for some reasons, we can see if it works or not, and revert it back. It is a very useful but space consuming action. Because checkpoint files are stored in our host machine.

Creating Checkpoints in Hyper-V

We can easily create checkpoints by right-clicking the virtual machine and select “Checkpoint“, or just selecting the virtual machine and clicking the “Checkpoint” under the segment that has a name of the selected machine.

Reverting to Previous State

We can easily turn back the state before the checkpoint by right clicking the state we want to see and select “Apply“. And we can export, rename, delete the checkpoint from there.