Employee experience is the totality of the interactions of employees in a workplace with their work, the work environment and the company. 

This experience is shaped by the impressions, emotions and perceptions that an employee gains during their time at work. A positive employee experience brings with it a number of benefits, which often impact employee engagement, productivity and, indirectly, company profitability. 

Engagement refers to the employee’s strong sense of commitment and loyalty to the company. A positive employee experience increases employee satisfaction with their work, which builds long-term loyalty. Engaged employees serve their companies longer and generally perform at a higher level. 


Productivity is related to the employee’s ability to perform their job tasks effectively. A positive employee experience boosts employee motivation and energy, which positively impacts productivity. A good working environment, supportive leadership and effective work processes can help employees perform at their best. 


However, employees may not be fully committed to their roles if they feel the employee experience is better elsewhere. This is an issue that can be overcome by ensuring that employee expectations are met from the hiring process onwards, with open communication channels and opportunities for continuous development. 

This requires companies to not only focus on recruitment, but also to continually strive to retain existing employees. 


This is where I would like to share 6 effective ways in which continuous effort is needed and that can help you improve the employee experience.  

Improve onboarding processes: The onboarding process is critical for a new employee. This process enables the new employee to understand the company culture, grasp business processes and communicate with teammates. Improving the onboarding process allows the employee to adapt more quickly and get used to the job quickly. 


Give and receive feedback: Employees should receive feedback on how they are performing in their work. This should include positive and constructive feedback on a range of topics, from achievements to learning opportunities. Employees should also be encouraged to share their thoughts and managers should value their opinions.  


Offer Up-to-date and Advanced Technology: It is important to use technological solutions to make business processes more efficient. Automation, data analytics and other modern technological tools can help employees do their jobs more effectively. This, in turn, would improve both employee satisfaction and the overall performance of the company.


Use Digital Communication Channels: Communication is the foundation of a healthy work environment. Digital communication tools can support fast and effective communication between teams. Video conferencing, instant messaging, an internal intranet and other digital communication channels can strengthen communication between all teams, but also between teams working remotely. 


Provide Opportunities for Learning and Development: Employees may want to develop their careers and acquire new skills. Companies should support their team members’ personal and professional growth by providing continuous learning and development opportunities. Resources such as training programs and mentoring should contribute to employee development. 


New Generation of Fringe Benefits: Employees’ expectations and needs change over time. Companies can provide a more engaging experience for their employees by offering next-generation benefits such as flexible working hours, telecommuting opportunities, wellness programs, etc. This can help employees stay more engaged and contribute to their companies for longer. 


These six effective strategies can build a strong foundation for strengthening the employee experience and making an effective contribution to the long-term success of the company. You can use Velocity to manage your business processes faster and more effectively, not only to hire new employees but also to improve the satisfaction of existing employees. Velocity will contribute your company to achieve a more competitive and sustainable success with a strong employee experience and optimized business processes.