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Information Technologies Legal News in March

Information Technologies Legal News in March

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Coronavirus was at the center of most updates in March:

  • This year, the highly anticipated Microsoft IoT in Action has been canceled due to the Google I/O 2020 coronavirus danger.
  • YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, has changed its advertising model to prevent misinformation about coronavirus and has started to impose an advertising ban for coronavirus videos, except for reliable news channels.
  • The World Health Organization opened a TikTok account for TikTok users to get accurate information about the pandemic.
  • Google has changed its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy so that users can access reliable publishers in coronavirus searches.
  • Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, has developed a new artificial intelligence that can detect the coronavirus in a very short time of 20 seconds using the screening results of people suspected of coronavirus, and this artificial intelligence is mainly in Hubei, Guangdong and Anhui provinces. It is stated that it will be used in more than 100 hospitals.
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Microsoft Bing moved the coronavirus title to its home page to prevent misinformation spreading on the internet due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Netflix, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have decided to reduce the quality of their videos so that people who started to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic do not cause blockage in the networks.
  • The Eczacıbaşı Group, Netmarble Turkey and Turkey Informatics Foundation (TBV) who wanted to draw attention to the basic hygiene rules have launched a new digital game idea competition named “Play and Learn”.
  • Coronathon that was created with the partnership of Turkey’s leading entrepreneurs, universities, non-governmental organizations, ministries, private companies in order to produce solutions to the problems caused by the has been awarded with 12 project awards in Turkey.
  • The market value of the world giants such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, which had their values increased highly in February, decreased by about 1.3 trillion dollars in total after the virus pandemic.