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Happy employee makes happy company

Happy employee makes happy company

During these days that we take the digital workplace concept to the center of our lives because of the pandemic, the corporate communication processes have been moved to digital as well. Now it is more critical to transmit notions like corporate culture, motivation, team, and unity to the employees working from home. The importance of digital platforms have increase within this scope. When the digital communication and unity applications are successful, so are the communication of employees between themselves and also with the corporation. And on top of that, the efficiency and productivity increase as well. Researches show that companies that invested in intranet communication by using the digital platforms efficiently and correctly are happier and more successful compared to their rivals.  

We had to adapt to remote working quickly with the pandemic. The fact that corporations didn’t want to put their employees’ health in danger but also had to maintain their business processes increased the attention to digital platforms. Researches show that companies that use applications which aim to increase the corporate’s success by developing emotional intelligence make their workers happier compared to the other.

Researches prove it

According to the research conducted by the Gallup Group, employees who are committed to their work and corporation are employees that are ambitious to work and that love their work environments. The income of companies that increase employee loyalty with the effects of the managers and skill management increase about 147% compared to their rivals. Likewise, the research conducted by Aberdeen Group shows that there is an increase of around 233% in customer loyalty and 26% in income in the companies with high employee loyalty. The main reason of this success is the intranet being run successfully and using digital platforms effectively for this.

Effective communication is the most basic element of employee loyally. More than 70% of employees become more loyal to the company in work environments where company goals, values, objectives, and how the company works are clearly transmitted. 64% of the internal communication experts participating in the Newsweaver research say that the most difficult issue is managing the communication within the organization. Companies that prefer intranet platforms to centralize communication and strengthen internal communication are more successful in effective communication. The research reveals that employees are not only focused on making money in their workplaces, but also tend to be “happy” with their work.

 Toprakçı: “It is possible to make them happy in digital too”

Ahmet Toprakçı, CEO of the technology company PEAKUP, underlined that the concept of happiness will be discussed much more in the business world in the new period. According to Toprakçı, employees who were unhappy with the pandemic sought happiness in the institution where they work. Toprakçı said: “With the pandemic, digitalization got out of its routine speed and became widespread and effective in every field. One of these areas was keeping alive the commitment and motivation of company employees, who had to work from home due to the epidemic, to their jobs and institutions, i.e. internal communication. During this period, Human Resources Experts and Information Technology professionals worked more closely than ever before. And intranet platforms were developed. While the productivity of companies that make fast and accurate investments in this field increased significantly, the researchers showed the concept of happy employees as the reason.”

“Happiness is also contagious in the business life”

This shows that the most important issue of the future in the business world will be “employee happiness in the digital world”. While Companies that invest in making their employees happy will get a lot of rewards, customers who buy services or products from these companies will also be happy.