Explore Your Digital Office
with Velocity

Velocity is a intranet platform that provides a digital workplace environment at the office or at home with its open communication environment.



Strengthen your communication,
And create your happy workplace culture!

More than 70% of employees work happier and where to get viagra in australia more loyal in a work environment where company goals, values, target and operation are openly shared.

Velocity allows you to run communication through one single center.

You can customize the is there generic viagra platform with dozens of application cards like LPPD, information security clarification texts, viewing payrolls, declarations that need to be approved by the employees, meetings, shared documents, new employees, and occupational health and safety announcements.

Rich Widget Catalogue

Let your portal content meet your needs completely with many alternatives you can choose from the widget catalogue. Have it with a single price without an initial budget, with monthly and annual payment options.  

  • My Meetings
  • Exchange Online Meeting Rooms
  • SharePoint & Teams Document Center
  • OneDrive Document Center
  • Advance Payment Management
  • HoDoor Door Entrance System
  • Leave Management
  • Announcements

    • Office Tips&Tricks
    • Birthdays
    • Food Menu
    • Employee Anniversaries
    • Phonebook
    • Service Timetable
    • Newcomers
    • Shortcuts with Enterprise Applications Icons
    • Stores & Branches
    • Special HTML Pages
    • + Any Content Widget that you will determine
  • Market Data
  • News
  • Current Traffic & Maps
  • Twitter
  • Weather Forecast
  • Annual Public Holidays
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Office Tips and Tricks

Setup in
1 hour!

Mobile friendly

Fast opening

Compatible design
for your brand identity!


Explore the perfect harmony of
Microsoft Teams and Velocity!

Velocity that was chosen among the top 8 applications that can be integrated to Microsoft Teams, provides a perfect communication environment for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams users. Provides a chat-based work environment and common working area for document sharing and teamwork with the integrated intranet solution it offers. 


Relieve the workload of your departments with Velocity!

Velocity plays the role of a digital assistant for you to maximize the employee royalty on a platform with a better work environment and information integrity. Relieves the intense work processes of each department and buy levitra drug employee, and provides a controlled management.

Human Resources

Velocity plays the role of a digital assistant for you to maximize the employee royalty on a platform with a better work environment and information integrity. Relieves the intense work processes of each department and employee, and provides a controlled management.

Information Technologies

Velocity is an intranet platform designed to reduce the workload on IT departments. Simplifies budget planning with monthly membership model. The global security infrastructure in Microsoft SharePoint Online keeps your company safe at all times.

Sales & Marketing

While the Marketing and Sales Departments share the success stories of the company, they can highlight the employees who achieve their goals on the platform. You can share marketing materials simultaneously with the whole company and ensure the integrity of information between teams.


It is a digital office network designed appropriately for your corporate culture and that provides communication within the company.
While the users with an Office 365 license can log in with the “Log in with Office 365” option, the users without a license can access the portal page with the “continue” option.
You can easily list your widgets, determine their size within the admin panel in the portal and customize it appropriately for your corporate identity.
Yes, it is a system that is open to integration.
Since Velocity is hosted on Azure, it has a fast-working and always up-to-date portal structure. Provides you with a flexible use with the ability to enrich your content with as many application cards as you want. With the extra improvement in SharePoint, you will need a technical expert or you will need to pay the extra costs. You can authorize your employees for Velocity, this way no one will have to deal with extra workload. On top of this, you will get free training and generic levitra 100mg support concerning the updates.

Toyota strengthens their corporate communication with Velocity!

We talked about our intranet solution Velocity on Microsoft Teams, with the Field Application Examples of Toyota Turkey Plant’s employees in the “Sahanın Gücüyle Farklılaşmak (Becoming Different with the Power of the Field)” seminar.

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