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What does evaluating the interaction in communication and information flow between your employees bring to your organization?

AIM is an inventory application designed to measure the interaction in communication and information flow between the employees.

The purpose of this survey is to analyze the innovation networks in the organization. For this purpose, a model (AIM) that handles the interaction of employees with each other in 5 basic aspects is used.

To strengthen the internal communication of your organization, increase loyalty, identify key talents and prepare strategies accordingly, it is necessary to know and understand the organizational culture very well. With AIM, it is ensured that companies are managed with the right strategy by detecting the talents, secret leaders, and key names in organizational networks.

With the AIM model , the interaction of the employees will be analyzed in terms of information sharing, consulting for an expert opinion, collaboration of innovation, and most inspiring and social communication dimensions. By means of this research, suggestions about the development of organizational innovation networks will be worked on.

The steps you will take to analyze the communication processes in your organization, and to ensure the design and management of communication with AIM:

Which questions will AIM answer for your company?

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