Are you sure that your accounting data is secure?

The applications that you use for your accounting operations consist of the database and similar components on the servers, but it is a serious responsibility to control which users can access from the inside and outside the company, to ensure that the backups are recovered in case of a disaster and to prevent them from being stolen with malicious software.

So how do you solve all these critical issues for your accounting application you have installed on your servers that run in your office center?

You can run all your accounting applications such as Logo, Micro, SAP etc. in  data centers with international security standards. This service, which includes features such as backup and user authorization, automatically shuts down outside working hours and turns back on before you start working in the morning, thus reduces your expenses. Spare as 5 minutes of your time to leave problems like the server being down, your data being deleted behind, and sleep like a baby at home.

Why Should You Use It?

  • You can avoid unnecessary costs with the system that shuts down when not in use.
  • Your data won’t be damaged in physical accidents.
  • You can provide system access with user-based authorizations.
  • You can control access with security records.
  • You can set a certain time limit for the authorization you give.
  • With automatic backup done by the system, you can restore your data even if it is deleted.
  • You can improve the performance of your system when you need it. You can manage your expenses with the temporarily increase or decrease feature.

Did you go through a disaster scenario or are you preparing for that critical day?

Do you use Veeam, one of the world’s best backup applications, to back up your data, but still keep your backups in your main office? Would you like to protect your data with just the price of a lunch in an environment where hundreds of thousands of disks fail for no reason, catastrophes such as fire and floods damage physical servers and lead to serious data loss?

Protect your backups and store them on a secondary storage in just a few minutes without changing the Veeam BackUp & Replication portals you use with the VCC service.

Recover your secondary data backed up in your cloud space on your Veeam console in seconds in case your physical server and backup units get damaged. Spare us a few moments of your time to learn and experience how it works.

Hosting and Storage Security

Why Should You Use It?

  • Ready to use in minutes.
  • Opportunity to use without disconnecting from the Veeam interface you are used to.
  • Backup service with international standards.
  • Pay as much as you use.
  • Flexible payment types based on the size of your data
  • Unrestricted storage without limitation in physical environment.
  • Easy purchase for customers who don’t have Veeam.


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