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IT - Recruitment

Prevent Incorrect Recruitment
Save Time and Budget!

Finding the desired IT employee turns into a laborious and costly process due to the scarcity of resumes in the technical field in the structuring of human resources companies or departments.

Getting IT sector-specific consultancy services to automate these processes
and minimize time loss will be
the ideal approach for you to find the right profile.

Why Get IT Sector Specific Consultancy Services?

As PEAKUP, we offer you recruitment solutions to find the right candidate for the position you are in search of by conducting technical interviews for the field with our staff specialized in IT.

The personnel with the competencies you are looking for are selected from the candidates in the talent pool with the most accurate interview system prepared with professionals in the field.

Our system minimizes your time and budget loss by providing assurance against resignation or similar risks, and the most accurate profile gets positioned in your staff.

Employees with the required competencies get selected from the candidates in the talent pool through the most accurate interviews. The most suitable profile for your staff is placed while minimizing your time and budget loss with assurance against resignation or similar risks.

Back-end Developer

A back-end developer is someone who specializes in back-end web development. Nothing that runs on the server side can continue to function without back-end developers.

Database Administrator

Includes scalable database architecture design and management roles, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of software and system infrastructures used with expertise in databases such as SQL and Oracle.

Front-end Developer

They work with clients, content creators, back-end developers and project managers. They bring the designer's imagination, color schemes, fonts, and headings together into the code environment and make the pages complete.

SAP Module Specialist

SAP specialists monitor the status of any department or process of the company they work for in the computer network, develop processes and provide support.

Software Specialist

They conduct research and development studies according to the needs of the company they work for and design software programs and produce projects based on technological developments.

Infrastructure and System Specialist

They manage cloud and local systems related to the IT infrastructure. They are responsible for the functionality of systems in the areas of email, messaging, telecommunications, backup and security.