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The Procurement Application

allows you to manage the purchasing processes of your company through a single platform and to move all your information to the digital environment. It brings the match-up of the services you receive with the departments, when you will receive them, product details and supplier information together on a single platform. You can compare the offers of different suppliers for the products or services to be purchased, and you can gain a cost advantage.

Move your procurement processes to the digital environment, prevent paper waste, support sustainability, and gain a cost advantage.

With this application, the companies that managed to establish a collective corporate memory can access all the purchase and sale prices, the offers of the previously consulted companies and many information such as suppliers in the fastest way while using the easy-to-use interfaces. This way, price comparisons and evaluation of the most suitable supplier are managed digitally.

The Procurement Application allows you to monitor all your purchasing processes easily with the cost advantage it offers, and without having to use applications that have complex interfaces.

The copies of the invoices of the services purchased with the Procurement Application are uploaded and saved to the application. You can access all the retrospective information, so you will not have to deal with e-mails or a series of phone calls. You get to establish your corporate memory and have a systematic management.

You can manage all your processes from a common platform with the Contract Application that allows you to track and manage the past contracts of the departments, supplier management, budgets and stamp taxes of the services you have purchased.

What Can You Do With The Procurement Application?

Move all the manual workflows of your company to the digital environment with the “Velocity Procurement App”.