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IMS Reports in Healthcare

In a market with thousands of different medicines, IMS reports, designed to show companies' market shares, are one of the most important measures of pharmaceutical companies.

These reports, which are viewed by everyone from sales representatives to regional managers, directors to general managers, turn into interactive and mobile charts with Microsoft Power BI. Companies can see these important reports in an easier, faster and customized way.


Effective IMS reporting with Power BI

With IMS reports, all the details needed on sales reports like budgets, actual figures and their share in the overall turnover can be viewed by regions.

Market Analysis

While sales representatives monitor their targets, managers can effectively analyze the market conditions across the entire organization and plan the necessary actions to become more competitive.


Get periodic reports and notifications

By automating IMS reports, you can receive end-of-day, weekly or monthly summary reports as e-mail notifications, visualize success rates according to the target criteria, and integrate with e-mail, MS Teams and many similar systems.

Abdi İbrahim IMS Reports

Abdi İbrahim, a company with a lot of data, was looking for a solution on how to read this data in a faster and more manageable way.

They wanted to gain insights specific to their company by visualizing the data and making the reports easily readable.

Developing the reporting needs of the Production, Sales, IT, Audit and HR departments with the data in SAP BW provided a solution for more functional management and reporting of all data.

Get insights specific to your company with IMS Reports!