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NOA - EAMS Management

NOA, which is much more than just
Employee Attendance Monitoring Management, allows you to monitor all your employees from a single screen in order to track their activities in different areas within the workplace, to inspect the working hours, to detect the time spent outside and to prevent unauthorized access.


Management Based on Data

Entry-exit times get recorded to support working processes. NOA digitalizes the entry and exit times of the remote-working days, and the work control, whether physical or digital, is managed based on data.

Digital Filiation

You can use the NOA data to minimize the contagion during the pandemic and other epidemics. In case of any disease, determine which days the sick employees have been in the office, which departments they have been in and out of, and most importantly, with whom they have been in the same place at the same time and take precautions for employee health.


Works Integratedly with Leave Management

By detecting the missing shift hours among the NOA records of all employees, facilitates the tracking of entry and exit controls, hours spent outside the office or time spent out of the office for work at specified time intervals.

R&D Center Management

Easily comply with many regulations such as working hours, time spent outside, remote working hours and assignment information, which must be kept in the R&D centers. Get instant access to all entry-exit data.


Cloud Based Structure

Entry and exit records are synchronized to the cloud through NOA. You can access your data safely anytime and anywhere you want.

HR Reports

HR managers can check the reports of all employees at any moment. They can access the data on employee’s work hours and shifts and the time they spent in the office.

Employee Portal

All the employees can monitor their entry-exit hours and shift durations on the basis of weeks and months.

Leave Management

An API can be used in the ERP system. You get to report the processes and reminders integrated with the leave management application, and R&D center permissions.


As an alternative to situations where cards cannot be scanned on the door entry system in the office, it allows employees to start and end work (Remote Check-in) via the application.


With the help of analyzes that have been reported, entrance-exit times, entrance-exit control of meeting rooms get to be managed based on data.


Allows you to let only those who have been given certain authorizations enter and exit through the doors opening to a certain area in a controlled manner.


Allows people's entry/exit details to be reported on the basis of date/time/personnel.


In order to support remote working processes, provides work supervision either physically or digitally with setups that can record entry-exit times.

Design your sustainable workplace with NOA