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Online Meeting and Event Reports

Attending dozens of different online meetings every day, watching educational content and tracking the outcomes of these meetings is an important part of the business life.

Meetscope provides answers to many questions like how effective these meetings were, whether the participants were as engaged as desired, how many people participated with video and audio, etc. Meetscope makes it possible to gain insights about online meetings and trainings with reports and data.


Reports with Variations

Meetscope provides reports with variations based on meetings, events or trainings. From these reports, you can get the following information:
Number of participants
Late arrival times
Total participation rates
Whether the online participation was with audio or video
Number of meetings per day
With the data you access, you can monitor the events, meetings and trainings on a digital platform and you get to make plans based on data for more effective outputs.

Working integrated with Microsoft Teams, Meetscope automatically analyzes meetings. Prepares detailed reports for individuals or teams.

Periodic Reports and Notifications

You can automate the meeting, event and training reports and receive end-of-day, weekly or monthly summary reports as e-mail notifications, visualize the success rates according to the set target criteria, and integrate with e-mail, Microsoft Teams and many similar systems.


Groupama Turkey Training Reports

Groupama Turkey training department managers wanted to prepare follow-up reports for topics like participation in online trainings, time spent in trainings and the number of participants in trainings. With the reports that have been created, the training processes now can be tracked, while the steps of planning, improving the training and analyzing the durations have become much easier. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the efficiency of trainings.

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