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Meeting Management Application

With the Meeting Management Application, meeting processes become automated and digitized. Eliminates the ambiguities in the meeting processes and enables employees to work more efficiently.

You manage the meeting application by creating certain rules, and elections get made according to the determined criteria. With this application, users can add their periodic meetings, and they can choose between the mandatory/optional users.

In addition, meeting times can be limited, and the relevant people can be alerted. Limiting meeting times is a precaution against long and endless meetings in order for employees to work more productively and efficiently.

With the Meeting Management Application, existing meetings can be listed, their details can be viewed, and a new meeting can be created.

You can view the available slots of the participants.

You can choose the mandatory/optional persons.

You can add periodic meetings.

You can determine the location of the meeting as a Teams meeting or by checking the availability of your meeting rooms.

Meeting times can be limited, and the relevant people can be alerted.

In meetings held on Teams, a one-question survey can be sent to the participants at the end of the meeting.

Restrictions may be made to not organize meetings for certain hours or on public holidays, or a warning may be given to the person concerned.

You can limit the number of participants for a meeting, or a warning can be given to the relevant person.

You can select the meeting type while organizing the meeting.

Plan your meetings easily, and manage them efficiently

Do not see your meetings as a waste of time. Accurate and well-organized meetings always help you work more productively and efficiently.

You can create your calendar and plans through the Web application, and you can also organize them from all Android and IOS mobile devices.

Meeting Planning and Reporting

With the Meeting Management Application, you can list current meetings and see their details, and you can create a new meeting. Determining meeting times by getting reports of times like days, weeks, months from the meeting data allows you to prepare more efficient working strategies for your business processes.