Design Your Own Images and Shapes in Powerpoint

If you need to create different shapes that are not in the shapes list, or if you want to create canvas images, you can use the Combine Shapes feature.

But, how do we do that?

Let’s write the process steps for shapes, but keep in mind that the same process steps are valid when the figures and the images are used together.

1. You must add 2 shapes to the slide.

2. You must also select the 2 shapes you added to the slide.

(After selecting a shape, you can use the CTRL key to select other shapes. While holding down the CTRL key, it is enough for you to just click any other shape to select them. This feature is valid for all objects such as pictures, icons, diagrams, graphs, etc. It is also applicable in Excel and Word, and on Windows when selecting files or folders as well.)

3. After selecting the shapes, a menu named Shape Format will appear in the menu bar.

4. You can complete the process by selecting one of the Combine Shapes menu options in this menu.


You can complete the process by choosing the option that suits your purpose from this menu. Some examples are shown below. You can apply the other options the same way and see the results they bring out as well.

Some Examples with Shapes


Examples of Figures and Pictures Being Used Together


You can try other options in a similar way and see how to use them and how they turn out to be. By using these features, you can design many different shapes and images that you may need in your presentations and reports.

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