100% national capital PEAKUP has been in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list for the 3rd time with its successful performance and keeps growing with its England office.

PEAKUP CEO Ahmet Toprakçı has stated that they are moving towards their goals of being a global technology company fast and said: “In this journey we barked on to provide quality and value added services, we keep working to create a global brand. As we enter our 8th year, we started to keep our work with the title of PEAKUP Technology inc. as of July in accordance with our strategy of popularizing our products abroad.  Within this period , we believe that our country will develop with technology export and keep working to make PEAKUP a global technology company with our competent, young and high-motivated staff. And as the first step of this, we established a company that is 100% owned by us.”

The US Market is next

PEAKUP has grown with domestic funding only without any foreign investments, and now has its eyes on the US market after the London office they’ve opened in July. PEAKUP has entered the European countries, UK being the first, with Sign&Go that it developed as new generation marketing technology. One of the abroad goals of PEAKUP is after the COVID-19 period being done, to enter the US market.

You can watch the details of the interview we did with PEAKUP CEO Ahmet Toprakçı in the video below.

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